WhatsApp, a social media handle that has taken the virtual community by storm. WhatsApp is not yet explored enough, there are some options and hidden functions that have not yet been known by the users. Just like playing an francaisonlinecasinos online casino game, you should have the complete know-how of what the gameplay requires and what does it offer.

No need to worry because in the piece below we explain to you the tips, tricks, unknown tweaks, and secret characteristics that are hidden inside WhatsApp, still unknown by the majority, visit lecasinoenligne.

Make Whatsapp Messages Automatically Disappear

If you want to perform this option and trick, opt for WhatsApp chat and when you have reached there, look at the top of your screen and then select the chat or contact you want.

You can as well select the group chat; it’s also possible. After that selection, a menu bar pops up on the screen. 

Right at the bottom, you will see an option named Disappearing messages and then opt for further dictations.

Messages can now disappear to those selected contacts. Take note, messages can only disappear from the group that you are an admin.

For those who knew this trick, it has been manipulation after manipulation because people often use it against their better halves and their lovers. Messages will end up disappearing, visit casino en ligne gratuit for more.

Change Your Whatsapp Chats Background

What if when you are now tired of the same old background chat wallpaper? Well, all you have to do is enter your WhatsApp application, select a wheel or cog-like icon.

The next Menu will lead you to an option of Chat Wallpaper. Further options of either color or pictures from the gallery appear.

You can actually play around with the options to see which one fits your liking. The advantage with WhatsApp is that when you install the application, it has access to your gallery and these are the same pictures that will be uploaded on the toggle.

Perspective options are also at your disposal, either to crop or to slightly place the picture in a different size.

 Use Bold, Italic, And Crossed Out Text In Whatsapp Chats

WhatsApp texts are not just written in a straight manner, there are some options that you can actually play around with so as to either twist, italicize, or make them bold.

For boldness, you add an asterisk on both sides of the text, for italics, you place an underscore on both ends of the text.  What if you want to strikethrough or cancel a text, just put tilde on both ends.

WhatsApp will no longer be that straight-ahead type of conversation, a bit of spice is added up to make it more and more interesting.

Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do on WhatsApp